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Piglet help

Farmer85Farmer85 Junior Member
edited September 2015 in General Pig Health
Hi all, I'm new here. Been lurking for a while and finally joined for help. I had 2 litters of pigs from sister gilts with same boar. One litter is very healthy and doing well. Other is not as healthy. I assumed it was because the ones that are a bit behind there is 12 piglets on same gilt vs 8 on the other. She had lost a few at first day to laying on them. Well now I'm noticing several problems in herd. First off I notice some sneezing and a cough here and there. I have straw bedding in a stall and thought maybe it was just dusty in there and didn't think much of it, but monitoring. All pigs have good appetite. Several are not as active as others but if you make them get up they will run around some. The newest thing I've noticed is red lesions on some piglets ears and head. It started with one and now I've noticed it on 2 others snoots. It looks like solid red almost scabs throughout ears and around there noses. Almost looks like a dirty head and snoot maybe even greasy like. I've read about greasy pig but not really sure what exactly this is. The 2 others with it just on there snoot at first glance just looks like they were into dirt or something. The pigs are about 8 days old and have had iron shots teeth clipped and tails docked. Can somebody help pin point what I have going on and direct me how to start treatment. I have attached the worst one that acts tonight like he doesn't feel good but will get up and eat and even push around others to get there. Thank you and I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.
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