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Lame Kune Kune

Green Counties Vets Junior Member
edited July 2015 in Vets and Producers
I am a farm vet and looking for any further advice on a 3yo M lame pig. He has been RHL lame for a couple of months. The first episode resolved without veterinary attention. When it reoccured the owner rang and I examined the pig. He appears non weight bearing at first but will run and weight bear without evidence of pain. I also cannot elicit a pain response on flexion or extension in any joint. No heat or swelling apart from a little around the fetlock, but marginal. Foot normal. Normal range of movement. Has not responded (at all) to 2 weeks of oral metacam and tylan. I am reluctant to X-ray as I don't think it will change much in terms of management but just be an unnecessary expense. Has any one come across this in a pet pig or in the Kune Kune breed? I am unconvinced that he is even painful. Advice welcome. My current plan is to stop all treatment and reintroduce long term pain relief if required.
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