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Pot bellied pig possible Erysipelas

Jessie00721Jessie00721 Junior Member
edited May 2015 in General Pig Health
My pot bellied pig got sick last weekend. Sunday morning she seemed fine but we went out all day and when we returned home she barely touched her food or water. She became lame and just wanted to lay around. No interest in food or water. Slow moving. She did develope red blotches on her skin. Some hard, some were square or diamond shaped. With that being said I figured she had a bacterial infection (erysipelas). By Tuesday since the holiday on Monday I was able to make it to my supply store and bought injectable penicillin g. According to the dosing on the bottle and assuming my pig is 100lb we give her 1ml IM shot once daily. She has had 3 doses so far. After the first 24 hours she at least tried to get up and drink. Last night she seems to be in more pain. To the point were she can't physically get up to drink. Her blotches turned more like long or circular purple lesions. I imagine painful as she is kind of vocal now. I'm not sure if continuing the medication is best. I have no way of getting rid of her pain. Bottle says to continue 3 to 4 days. Today will be the 4th dose and am not sure what the best course of action would be past this point? Any thought would be great. Thanks
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