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Looking For Farm That Offers AI (ONTARIO)

tyler116tyler116 Junior Member
edited May 2015 in Market Place
I'm looking for a farm that offers AI services.


Free Range
- They can still be fed other stuff than just what they forage, as long as they are not penned up.

-I will decide who is ethical

In Ontario/ Can Ship
-Self Explanatory

Heritage Breed
-I'm looking for a berkshire stud (as my sows are berkshire) but I'm not going to be picky, as long as it is a heritage breed, or mix breed (with all heritage breed ancestory)

-I'm not looking for show quality, (nobody cares how many ribbons their bacon earned)

I think that's pretty much it, let me.know what you have.

Tsw98@hotmail.com or message me on here.

If someone is close by I may also be interested in a live (not AI) breeding. Ill bring the sow to your farm. (Durham Region/ Toronto Area)


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