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Help with 3-4 month old boar falling

caz3126caz3126 Junior Member
edited March 2015 in General Pig Health
Hi, I just got a 3-4 month old boar, and he keeps falling down on his front leg. I've notice he would be standing and then his back would dip, right behind his shoulders, and he would fall down. It seems to be getting worse, because now he seems so tired of it, that he doesn't even want to move to eat.
I saw it happening about a week ago, but then it stopped for a few days, and it started back again.
Please Help!
And is it possible to tell what breed is he?




  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited March 2015
    Hi there, could be genetic or the start of a bacterial infection, but looks sturdy on its feet from the photo, so may be more genetics?? Straw on the floor would be better for you pig as cold concrete is quite harsh and may help ease the problem?? Just a case of keeping an eye on the situation. If it were to get worse may be try a shot of long acting penicillin and so what happens???
    As to cross, Large white/ Hampshire with may be a touch of duroc????
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