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Lethargic 15-20# piglet

mhaller28mhaller28 Junior Member
edited February 2015 in Vets and Producers
During feeding last night, my husband noticed a piglet that was having issues moving. He was uncoordinated and VERY slow moving, but when picked up would squeal (squealing is normal I know). We brought him to the house at 5:30 and laid him on a couple towels and he barely wanted to move and could not get up. If picked up will not hardly even grunt. He was given 1/2 cc of Penicillin, two drops of Karo Syrup and some milk from syringe at about 7pm. Acted as if he wanted to eat but did not have the energy. He has pooped once and it was light green, a bit runny and one somewhat hard turd. I did not take a temperature due to not having a thermometer.
This morning he was a bit improved, still not wanting to move and very little reflex on wanting to eat (about the same as the previous night).
He was farrowed outdoors in a hog house (long frame) and there is a chance of him having been stepped/laid on. But there have been no signs of bleeding (external or evident internal) or even of coughing.

List of Symptoms:
-Runny eyes (started this morning)
-Possible constipation
-Heavy, almost labored, breathing

I am not sure what is wrong and am wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue or knows what it could be. Thank you!


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2015
    Meningitis, and as you have done give penicillin for 3 days( with Metacam).
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