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Ontario Swine Jobs

southbysouthwestfarmssouthbysouthwestfarms Junior Member
edited December 2014 in Employment/Jobs

As a small group of family farm producers ranging from 300-1200 sows all farrow to finish in South Western Ontario we have come together to help each other collect resumes and better find people that fit for our operations as we grow.

We may have jobs ranging from herd managers, general labour, farrowing room tech's etc... in up to date modern facilities. Any good talent we find we are willing to train and allow further career growth.

Only condition we have is that you MUST be living in Canada currently regardless of status.

Please send resumes to southbysouthwesthogfarms@gmail.com or via private message with the type of position you are looking for in the short run and long run. We will then contact you on openings or possible future positions that may become available at any given time.
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