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Ivomec 1% question

golliday27golliday27 Junior Member
edited October 2014 in Vets and Producers
Hello! This is my first real post. I purchased a Juliana this past Friday. She'll be 6 weeks this coming Friday, and weighs under 5lbs. My question - the Ivomec 1% solution states 1cc for every 75lbs (or could be 50, it's not on hand) - how would I dose this for my tiny pig?


  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited October 2014
    Hi there, Ivermectin 1% shouldn't be until your pig is at least 19lb(1/4 of a ml, subcutaneously, not intramuscular) or can be given orally(in its mouth, with no needle on the syringe), or on a piece of apple or on feed which would be an easier option. Should then be done 14 days later and after that spring and Autumn(twice a year).
    Hope this helps and good luck.
  • I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
    edited October 2014
    Something that small I would use Safeguard paste or pellet in the feed
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