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Dog bit 12 week old pig and bleeding from the eye

mrmmfriesmrmmfries Junior Member
edited July 2014 in Vets and Producers
My dog just bit my 12 week old potbelly pig. He has a little wound on his snout, but he immediately started bleeding from the eye, but it stopped after about 5 minutes. He seems fine now and I don't see any other wounds on his eye. He seems to be able to see out the eye and doesn't seem to be in pain. Should I take him somewhere or anything I can do to make sure it doesn't get infected? Everywhere I've called said they don't accept pigs. :confused:


  • I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
    edited July 2014
    Go to your local coop and see if they have an eye spray like Verticine (sp?) its expensive.

    You "should" be okay if you don't see milky to greenish drainage. If he goes off feed you need to be concern, too.
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