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Looking For a job within the swine industry

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Anthony R. Crook
334 N. Whitney St
Carroll IA, 51401

Cover Letter
To whom it may concern,
I am applying for the gilt supervisor position. I would be a good asset to your company because throughout my career I have displayed good attention to detail, shown leadership, have obtained many different skills, and I am a very quick learner.
My goal is to join a company that appreciates hard work and good moral ethics. I look forward to talking to you about a future opportunity within your company. I plan to hear from you soon. Thank you for this opportunity,
Sincerely yours,
Anthony R. Crook

Work Summary
I would be a good addition to your company and have proven at every job I have ever worked that there is room for improvement. I have over 5 years’ experience within the swine production industry.
Skills that I have acquired throughout my journey in the work force are: experience with power and hand tools, plumbing, drain work, general construction, professional painter, custodian, sanitation worker, food service, assisting the mentally handicapped, attention to detail, good work ethic, ability to handle negative work situations in a positive manner, the ability to lift 100 or more pounds, and the ability to train individuals.
My work goals are to achieve personal and group success. I believe in hard working values and have proven my ability to step up and take charge when necessary. I have a lot of experience with many different trades however a majority of my experience has been within the pork production industry. I am very passionate about working with pigs. It is a diverse field; I have learned quite a bit of Spanish and have developed a good work reputation.

Work Objective

• Monitored health and wellbeing of pigs.
• Recognized and treated health problems in pigs.
• Ensured that water was available and sows were fed the correct amount of feed.
• Monitored environments both barn temperature and air movement.
• Ensured humane handling, moving sows, gilts, and piglets in a low stress manner.
• Carried out breeding and a.i. as well as detecting heat cycle in wean sows, gilts, hard heads, and early wean sows.
• Observed condition of sows and HNS animals as necessary.
• Assisted sows with birthing.
• Euthanized animals when necessary, prolapse, downers, and poor health.
• Docked tails, castration, vaccinations, weaned, and sorted pigs.
• Loaded pigs for transport.
• Use of high pressure washing system to ensure barn and crate cleanliness.
• Maintained equipment and buildings.
• Performed all general farm duties.
• Observed proper bio security protocol and rodent control.
• Swine husbandry in farrowing and breeding.
• Observed animal behavior.
• Obtained low stress livestock handling techniques.
• Observed barn cleanliness and sanitation.
• Kept paper and electronic records.
• Contributed to achieving a weekly conception rate of 90% or higher depending on herd health.
• Enforced company policies and procedures.
• Operated boar bot and boar cart.
• Displayed leadership and hardworking values.
• Gathered information to improve farm numbers.
• Communicated with supervisors to improve work efficiency.
• Translated job duties to Hispanic co-workers.
• Reported issues to farm manager.
• Influenced co-workers to be a top notch farm.
• Trained new employees through farm protocol and job tasks.
• Performed all job duties under staffed and adapted to change of work environment due to weather and herd health.
• Monitored gilt grower and isolation.

• Glidden-Ralston H.S.
• General Education 3.0 GPA
• My hobbies and activities include: outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, camping, cooking, grilling, writing poems, spending time with my family, listening to a variety of music, and doomsday prepping. In school I participated in football, basketball, baseball, track, journalism, and yearbook.

Work History

Sloan Plumbing
201 S. Cedar St, Jefferson IA, 50129
Phil Sloan (515)370-0663
April 2013-December 2013
Technician Assistant
$10.50 per hr.
Hvac, plumbing, drain work, handy man services, shop cleanliness, vehicle maintainance, shop inventory, assisting technician with service calls, trench digging, and septic tank installation.

New Fashion Pork
31367 260th st, Glidden IA, 51443
Ron Ruth (515)370-3057
Sept 11 2011- Mar 14 2013
Breeding Tech/Senior Gestation Tech
$13.84 per hr.
Weekly preg check, weekly vaccinations, daily sow treats, excellent sow husbandry, transfer manure with septic pump, general maintainance, Artificial insemination, recording sow data and paperwork, contributed to keeping office clean, folding laundry etc., daily sow movements, gilt gestation, ability to work understaffed all the time, power washing, farrowing dept., sleeving sows day 1 piglet movements, administering piglet medicines orally and intramuscularly, daily sow feeding, destroying sows with bolt gun, using a dead cart, processing piglets, weaning piglets, full understanding of good work ethics and rules and regulations within the industry, daily heat check, and morning chores.

Cornerstone Partnership
33510 230th st Ralston IA, 51462
Heath Carroll (712)667-3933
Jun 2007- April 2011 as well as Jan 1999/Jun 2003
Morning chores, heat check, sow movements, gilt grower, administering medicine and vaccinations, maintenance, displayed excellent sow husbandry, destroying sows, displayed excellent sow husbandry.


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