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What kind of pig am I?!

PenelopethepigPenelopethepig Junior Member
edited October 2013 in Pig Tales and Stories
I just adopted a little piggy named Penelope ! I got her a week ago, and love her. I was told she was a pot belly but her coloring makes me think she has something else in her as well! She is a Carmel color wit. A little bit of white dusted in her (just came in the past week). She has black spots, blac around her eyes. Her tail is straight.

These were her stats when I got her : She is 3 1/2 months old, weighs about 30lbs, I think. She's 16" high and 24" long, not including tail.
Any idea what kind she is/ how big shell get? I was unable to post a picture but I can try and send one.
She is not spayed, but I'm planning on doing it. Is 4 months an okay time?

Thanks for your time!
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