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pig doing better?

omiwanomiwan Junior Member
edited April 2007 in PMWS and PDNS
Hi, I have read all of the posts on PMWS. I guessed that my pig has this. He fell ill after I dewormed him, and didn't grow, and just wasted away, looking bonier and hairier, and I thought we might have to put him down.

My frustration is that the information on PMWS laid out the symptoms and what the pig looks like, but has no practical solutions, as well as doesn't inform the lay person as to what they should do with this animal? The pig is raised for meat, do you know if a pig that survives this syndrome can be consumed?

I thought to pull him from the others, but he surely would have died if I did. Nowhere did it say that he was a risk to the others and that I should cull him out. The others had babied him, and now 4 months later, his tail is curling back up and he is eating again, and started growing! He is probably 35 pounds now.

Mayra (NW FL)


  • derekarmstrongderekarmstrong Junior Member
    edited April 2007

    There is no specific treatment for any of the diseases caused by viruses in pigs. This is because antiviral agents are too expensive. Pigs with PMWS can respond to good nursing and protection or treatment for any secondary infections. Pigs with PMWS are debilitated and more susceptible to secondary infections particularly bacterial infections.

    Pigs that survive PMWS should, like any other pig, be inspected before and after slaughter and if there are no visible lesions can be passed as fit for human consumption. PCV2 has not been found to be infectious for humans.

    Derek (MLC, GB)
  • stephen greenstephen green Junior Member
    edited April 2007
    Hi Mayra,
    don't beleive the problem with your pig was PMWS ! Think he was suffering from something else . Worm infestation Perhaps? Drug don,t work against virus's . Antibodies in the pigs blood is what fight the disease. And since the immune system becomes weaker when fighting the virus the pig becomes expose to other diseases( secondary infection!)The secondary infection is what you treat as it tends to be a bacteria. ie if its breathing heavy it may be suffering from Pneumonia so give it penicillin , scour give it Baytril etc.
    The death rate can be as high as 20% when this disease first breaks out so not all pigs recover.
    A pig that has had PMWS & recovers only carries antibodies in its blood which is carried in all health animals. So there should be absolutely no problem in the meat being eaten!
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