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Sow Farm Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC

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The Agricultural Investment Company “AGRICO” is the largest investor in Stavropol Krai. Specialising is planting, pig production & crop, the Stavropol Krai territory has over 100,000ha of agricultural land where the use of modern agriculture equipment and new technologies is prevalent.
The Pig Production complex LLC”GVARDIA” is included in the number of the leading farms of the Stavropol region and it is the most advanced agro-industrial project of the region.
Piggery complex “GVARDIA” became the first in Russia within the frameworks of implementation of the priority national project “Development of agro industrial complex “. “AGRICO” has put into operation the first stage of the piggery complex in the year 2006. It was designed for annual fattening of more than 80,000 pigs a year . We are producing 250,000 pigs a year today.
The Agriculture Minister of Russian Federation participated in the inauguration and it laid surely emphasis on the significance of the project for Stavropol region. It is planned the increase of production capacity of the project “Gvardia” up to 400 000 thousand pigs per year in the near term.

Sow Farm Manager – Based in Russia - Gvardia LLC

The Gvardia LLC Sow Farm Manager is a managerial position and reports directly to the Executive Manager and The General Manager of Gvardia LLC

Functional Responsibilities

Fully responsible for all kinds of activity on the Site.
Responsible for the livestock being available, livestock status and safety.
Responsible for the status of material values.
Implements the daily control on the functioning of the farm.
Organizes the realization of the breeding programme and the proper work with the livestock.
Conducts the daily instruction and work distribution between the Staff.
Organizes the recording system and reports in accordance with the document regulations.
Carries out the work planning to achieve the optimum result.
Informs the Management on the discovered problems and agrees the solutions on how to eliminate the problems.
Produces the annual production plan.
Controls the fulfilment of the planned stockman ship hygienic procedures.
Organizes to allocate animals as best as he can and makes sure that they are looked after in the required way.
Provides the observation of the biosecurity regulations and fire code.
Provides the distribution of the functions between the employees with the observation of the employees’ personal safety and the livestock safety.
Coordinates the work of the Department Managers, the Chief Veterinarian regarding the diseases and the housing conditions.
Implements the control on the fulfilment of the health and safety procedures.
Realizes the fulfilment of the General Manager Orders and the Executive Manager Orders.
Deals with issues on employee’s promotion, trains how to use the progressive working methods.
Regulates the HR issues, determines the work daily routine, controls the working schedule as well as the vacation schedule.
Involved in the technical re-equipment of the site, comes with suggestions on how to improve the work.
Creates the requests for raw materials required.
Responsible for the Site daily work, the Maintenance Department, coordinates the solutions on the Site technical problems with Gvardia LLC and Zolotaya NivaMaintenance Management.
Responsible for the proper animal treatment and euthanasia.
Creates the monthly requests to purchase the required materials.
Creates the weekly pig sales report.
Coordinates and controls the pig movements on the farm.
Responsible for the timely cleaning of the territory and the grass mowing on the Site.

Education and experience; 2 or 4 year degree within an agriculture-based major and 5 plus years of swine production management experience preferred.

Candidates with extensive years of swine management experience and a proven track record will be considered in lieu of education. References will be required.
Knowledge and Skill:

Ability to manage time and priorities in a fast-paced, changing environment.
Display a high level of professionalism at all times
Ability to work successfully with limited supervision
Display a high level of leadership skills with abilities to influence a group of people
Possess excellent problem-solving and project management skills
Ability to calculate, explain and teach production parameters to staff.
Ability to prepare and present data to upper management.
Ability to analyse data and reduce variation in production output.
Ability to enforce employee efficiency and manage labour resources by controlling hours worked and organization of staff.
To apply to this role, please send your CV and covering letter to : odessa@agrico-ctf.ch, and gibogomolov@me.comAgrico Edi
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