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electric fence energisers

bushcraftbushcraft Junior Member
edited June 2012 in Market Place
- 12v patriot P20 £95 posted as new
SPECIFICATIONS P20 Stored energy 1.65 J Maximum output energy 1.9 J
TYPICAL OUTPUT VOLTAGE PERFORMANCE Open circuit Up to 8,000 V Standard load Up to 5,800 V Ground rods required 1
Table represents typical values. Note: output performance is the same for 110 V line or 12 V d.c input

- 12v falcon P500 £125 posted as new

Power Supply - 12v rechargeable battery (not supplied)
Stored Energy - 1.7 joules
Output Voltage (high) - 9000v
Output Voltage (low) - 7600v
Output Voltage @500ohms - 4500v/3800v
Battery Low Indicator
Connection Leads included:- Fence Connection Lead, Earth Rod Connection Lead, Battery Connection Leads.
Warranty - 2 years

Recommended maximum fence lengths.

with low density vegetation - 5km
with medium density vegetation - 2km
with high density vegetation - 1km

Approx battery Life: 3-5 weeks (75Ahr)

both with all leads etc.
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