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Is PCV2 vaccine working? - revisited

jsegalesjsegales Junior Member
edited December 2006 in PMWS and PDNS
Dear everybody,
Sorry for going again to an already tackled topic in this forum, but there are more than half a year (almost a year) with vaccines, mainly in North-America and also in Germany and France (more than two years in those countries). I would like to know which is the nowadays thoughts of field veterinarians using PCV2 vaccines. Have it worked in your hands? Do you prefer to vaccinate sows or piglets? One or two shots in piglets? Is vaccination really solving your problems, delaying them or even improving results than those before the PMWS outbreak? Those are very important informations, especially for countries that do not have any product registered yet and experience serious problems with the disease... and they claim for a vaccine product!!
Any information will be really appreciated.
Very best regards and merry Christmas and a happy new year,

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