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♥ FOR SALE: Special Kune-Kune mini pig piglet!! ♥ (Stockport, Cheshire)

Tilly-Trotter Junior Member
edited February 2012 in Market Place
In excellent health & well nourished, this little Kune Kune boar was born on 04-02-2012; He will be fully weaned by 4th April, although viewing and meeting in the meantime is highly welcomed.

He’s had a great deal of human contact and will no doubt make a fantastic pet!! Already friendly, inquisitive & playful, his nature is very similar to that of his mama’s, who for her first litter has been very welcoming to visitors.

He has his own photo-diary to date and we have lots of pics of Mum: 'Tilly' & Dad: 'Nigel'!!

I would like to point out that we are Not 'Breeders' - we are loving Pet Pig owners - we just happen to have a very naughty Boar, who fancied getting to know his neighbour Tilly a little better some 4months ago!! As the deed had already been committed when we found them, and they were so content in each other's company, we allowed them to spend a few weeks together (Nigel Boar's never been calmer). We have no intention of becoming pig breeders (I'm vegetarian & would hate to see any of my pigs end up in slaughter), so we are advertising this little piglet in the hope that he will be bought by another 'small-holding' pet-lover!! KuneKunes can survive on little more than grass (in the summer months when the grass grows full of nutrients), and make great land excavators prior to seed sowing; we bulk our pig's diet with sow & weiner Mash & Nuts and that works out pretty cheap!! #EverySmallholdingNeedsAPig!!

* For more details & photos, follow mamma pig on Twitter @Piggy_Tilly!/Piggy_Tilly :p *
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