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Please help!

RmmeyerRmmeyer Junior Member
edited January 2012 in "Off Your Chest"
Ok, I'm the new guy. Please forgive my ignorance. My girlfriend and her son just moved in with me. We now live in Marion county, which is in Indianapolis Indiana. Long story short we just moved here and animal control has come and taken our family member. They were extremely rude and disruptive in doing so . He was in bed sleeping inside while our family was fixing dinner.

I was informed of Indianapolis law section 531-104 which states

Sec. 531-104. Keeping swine.
It shall be unlawful for a person to keep swine on premises in the police special service district of the city, unless such premises are stockyards, slaughterhouses, or other premises where the keeping or raising of livestock is permitted by county zoning ordinances.

Now I would like to think that when this law was created that they had not considered mini pigs in that equation.

Anyone have any tips or pointers? We need our family member back.

Thank you so much in advance!

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