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Tamworth Weaners wanted for woodland project

pigdogpigdog Junior Member
edited January 2012 in Market Place
Happy new year everyone,
I have not posted for a while as been far too busy with orchard pigs. A great success they were and slaughtered at 160kg. Finished on apples, bananas and whey the fat was incredibly white and creamy. It made fantastic charcuterie i can tell you.
Moving on though i am about to fence part of my woodland which is semi-ancient and full of wild garlic and bramble. I intend to put in four Tamworths in one month from now and another four in March and another four in April. I have fenced in acre strips.
I am intending to make pig houses from old Ash & hazel coppice by making double A frames, and covering with leaf litter.
Any suggestions here greatley appreciated.
I am still looking for two batches of four pigs, pref gilts and from a single litter.
if any of your know who and where i might purchase these please let me know.
I have scoured the internet but so far have only secured a litter of four.
Suggestions please..
I intend to fully document this project and intened to run for a few years until garlic cleared. I hae already collected many thousands of bluebell seeds from the remaining woodland with full intention to replant in futre years
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