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Herd of British Lop (mostly!) pigs for sale in Herefordshire - various ages

sarahw0210@yahoo.co.uksarahw0210@yahoo.co.uk Junior Member
edited December 2011 in Market Place
Unfortunately, due to the lack of water in our borehole and the price for a mains water connection being greater than the average house price we have been forced to put some of our herd of British Lop pigs up for sale.

We have:
A Duke Boar c. 3 years old (although only if the majority of the girls go!)
11 Lulu Sows c. 2 years old
3 January Lulu Gilts in pig to the Duke Boar for litters to be born around the 1st of January. They include the Reserve Champion rare breed pig from the Shropshire show and the Reserve Champion British Lop from the RBST show.
A Large Black Sow, in pig to our British Lop boar
A large Black Gilt - ready to go to a boar

Pigs for meat:
18 Cutter weight B Lop pigs
17 4 month old B Lops
7 B Lop x Large Black Weaners
29 B Lop Weaners
19 B Lop piglets

We also have 2 Oxford, Sandy & Blacks who are 8 months old - they are registered and could be breed from - and also a three year old OSB Sow.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us at:

Many thanks,

PS: buyer must organise collection!
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