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Help, new to the pig world!

YouonlyliveonceYouonlyliveonce Junior Member
edited December 2011 in Market Place
Hey guys, hopefully getting 2 british saddlebacks next march to raise for the first time.
Just wondering what the market price is like,
- How much would it cost me for 2 weaned saddlebacks?
- How much am I looking at getting when they reach market weight?

I'm a little confused still as to whats best to do once they reach 6-10 months of age, is it best to send them to an abattoir or take them to the market to sell?

Its all new to me. I love pigs, and now my parents have recently brought a small holding, nows my chance to get started ...you have to start somewhere :-) - Help!

p.s I have done my research, I have my CPH number and I understand movement licenses and all that jazz. Just confused on prices, marketing etc, so all advice is much appreciated :)
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