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Large Blacks / Berkshires Wanted In 2012

ZacB Junior Member
edited February 2012 in Market Place
Are there any breeders in the Suffolk/Cambridge/Norfolk/Essex area of these ?

Will be looking for some weaners in Spring 2012 & just starting to put the feelers out.

Rumour has it that the Berkshire is the best thing since sliced bread for pork (second only to the Middle White some say) & the Large Black best thing since sliced bread for bacon.

The above statement is open to debate:D

If anyone can be of assistance that would be great & look forward to hearing from you, regards, ZacB


  • robphil Junior Member
    edited November 2011
    I breed Large Blacks with my Black Berkshire bore and they produce great meat bigs. We are outdoor reared and only breed one litter a year. I currently have 7 pigs from this years litter and we will be puttine the large black in with the bore in January. We are located in the Scottish borders TD11 3TX Thank you If you want to send me a message with a number if intrested we can have a chat
  • RedborneSchoolFarm Junior Member
    edited February 2012
    We sell Pedigree Large Black Weaners and are based in Ampthill Bedfordshire. I know we aren't quite in your search area but we aren't that far away. You can see our pigs here: Boar and sows are viewable and we have a variety of ages and sizes available. Give me a ring at 07969998418 if your interested, Ben
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