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Talk to a grain farmer!~

RkillaRkilla Junior Member
edited March 2011 in "Off Your Chest"
I just joined today and just thought this was an important part to my hog operation but it's good advice to anyone who wishes to raise pigs

if you buy the cheap feed at the united farmer it's 10 bucks a bag... the good stuff is 12-14 a bag

buy the cheap feed direct from the farmer is market price so whatever grain you decide to feed your looking at 3-4 bucks a bag

I buy 75 bussels from a farmer 5 miles down the road for 300 bucks
he provides the hammer mill service and dumps it all in the back of my horse trailer

paying inflated prices for grain is a newbie thing and the sooner one finds a direct buy for there feed the more you'll love your animals cause they cost alot less
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