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Guinea Hog

Piggylove22Piggylove22 Junior Member
edited August 2015 in Pig Tales and Stories
Good afternoon fellow pig lovers :)

I have many pigs including my oldest, Mary, who is actually a guinea hog.

I just found out that a guinea hog can stare for up to 18 hours without moving.

Thought you guys would be as interested as I was!


  • hutscoopshutscoops Junior Member
    edited February 2011
    As far as Im aware this is not unusual during the winter, Mine sometimes look as though they're in a coma!
  • Stevie GStevie G Super Moderator
    edited February 2011
    I take it these little guys are from a hot climate as it would be wise to be like that when its freezing cold as they would never wake up again!!!!!!:D
  • Sugarstone FarmSugarstone Farm Junior Member
    edited April 2011
    I just found out that a guinea hog can stare for up to 18 hours without moving.

    I raise American Guinea Hogs and would love to know where you found this information! I've never known one to go that long without wanting something to eat, no matter what the tempature was. ;)
  • Tilly-TrotterTilly-Trotter Junior Member
    edited February 2012
    Guinea Hogs are fantastic pets; ours is called Nigel - he lives outdoors in the UK, in a sun-dappled, woodside paddock, & in the summer he loves nothing more than a good wallow!! He too tends to 'stare' but never for such lengths of time as you describe, and decisively less since he raided his 'kune kune' neighbour's enclosure, who loves nothing more than to rummage & excavate!! (Proving so with her propeller like tail, swishing round and round in content)

    Here are a few pics of Nigel the Guinea Hog!! ♥
  • This little piggyThis little piggy Junior Member
    edited May 2015
    Hey, I was wondering where you managed to purchase a Guinea Hog in the UK??
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