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Ruby will be too old

I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
edited July 2010 in "Off Your Chest"
Well yesterday my son and I was talking with the Agcenter 4H agent about his red wattle gilts. Well the news is in.....Ruby will be "okay" to show for the October Fair but will be too old by a week for the January Jr. Livestock Show. I'm a little mad (upset) about this new information. Even though we will be showing Ruby by birth date and not by weight, we still "could" make market sow weight for January since the are a slow growing breed. How can a gilt be to old this show if they are a slow growing breed. I thought they had AOB (any other breed) classes anyhow? Now it looks like we will be shopping again for another gilt to show for the Jan 2011 Jr Liverstock Show. All they do is preach white pigs (sorry if I offend), but not everyone wants to show a white pig!

Well we will have to think long and hard to see if we really want to show in Jan's swine show or just let it drop and find a red boar and get our son's babies on the ground.

Sorry Blonde, we talked to several people (not at the same time) and they all agree that if we breed Ruby to a white boar the babies will be red butts or some solid white babies and that's not want our son wants (he wants solid red pigs).

So if we breed to a Duroc boar, would that put some muscle on the babies and keep the red color?


  • hilarysmumhilarysmum Junior Member
    edited July 2010
    Can you breed to a tamworth?
  • I8IggyI8Iggy Senior Member
    edited July 2010
    We could if I could find one. I had to place an ad in our state market bulletin and the old owner "found" us....LOL...

    But if our son's goal is to get Ruby at 300 before breeding, I guess I should be happy about this news...in an ideal world.
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