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The Castration Process ( A Short HowTo )

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As ive seen a couple people ask how to castrate I put out here a short HowTo article and explaining a couple aspects and things to look for as well.

Well the castrating process is really easy and I hope I do a good enough job in explaining it to you. But you will need a few supplies.

1. Surgical Blades ( Switch blades after every 4 pens or so, and expecailly if you are dealing with a scoured pen, you would want to switch gloves and blades directly after so as to not transfer or deal with the risk of )

2. Gloves - As you will be dealing with many pigs, some could be sick such as have scours or whatever the sort I suggest using gloves and switching them out to a clean pair every so often as to not contaminate other pigs as easy.

3. Iodine - OUTSIDE The wound... DO NOT SPRAY INSIDE OF IT !

4. Knowledge.

Grab the pig by both hind legs and pull him with his back to your chest. take your left hand thumb and push the nuts up. The nuts should be pushed up far enough whereyou cant push them back any further. you should now only be holding both balls with your thumb still, But your left hand is still holding onto the pigs hind leg.

Take your right hand which should be holding the surgical blade ( be careful while holding the pigs hind leg with your right hand and holding the surgical blade as cutting the pig in the leg is a easy task to do, if this happens place iodine on the wound if not severe, if it is them go ahead and stich it.. no big deal.

Anyways, take the blade and go about the middle of the ball and cut down from upwards twards you only to the extent of the ball itself. If you go too far twards the back you will cut the spinctere ( ass ) of the pig and could cause problems if needing stitched and the growing of the hog later on dealing with the spool discharge.

( Things to look for: Ruptures. At this point if part of the intestines and pushing out then cut the balls as directed below and push the intestines back in and push them twards the stomach area. Once inside and not oozing out go ahead and tightly tape the pig going around the stomach near the hind legs and criss crossing across the castrated area until there is no cut shown. This should be tight enough that sometimes the pig cannt use their hindlegs for a couple days. It seems crappy as a situation but if you want the pig to survive: that is that it takes at times. Be sure to only keep the tape on the pig for 3 days. any long extesive period of time will cause the tape to start cutting into the pigs skin and it will become very bad situation. )

Squeeze the balls out ( this can take some strength ) either one at a time with your left hand or both at once. Pull hard enough on the ball to where you have the attatchment to the balkls showing and cut anywhere twards the top of the string. Throw the balls down, Spray the piglet cuts with iodine. and put the pig down. Some bleeding will occur but that is expected.

Notice: Some may say it is ok to pull the pigs balls out without cutting them, this does work but in my opinion this can cause internal problems but many people think this causes ruptures.... this is false to an extent. I would just stick to the cutting method personally though. So I personally dont suggest it, not to mention the extra pain to the pig.

Usually the castration period is within the first 5 days of the pigs being born... The processing aspect such as tail cutting is at day 2 or so. At this time I find it easy to hit them with Excede medicine which helps the immune system and infections for up to 7 days. So while you castrate the risk of infection and any other problem is dealt with the Excede.
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