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Cost/Benefit Calculator for PMWS Vaccination

mjmmjm Junior Member
edited May 2010 in PMWS and PDNS
A newly published review considers the data from ten PCV2 vaccine trials, covering 50,000 pigs in North America and the European Union. This metadata study reveals that unvaccinated growing pigs in infected herds with no actual deaths from disease, still lose an average of 2.5 kg in liveweight in comparison to vaccinated piglets. As the mortality rate increases by 1%, the average liveweight in surviving pigs decreases by approximately 0.5 kg, so that at a 6% mortality rate from PMWS [PCV2 infection] a pork producer not only loses 6% of finisher pigs but also suffers depressed production of 5.5 kg [average per pig] in the survivors. These production losses can be explained by the severity of organ damage to the pigs due to PCV2 viraemia, plus the fact that fighting this virus infection uses up energy that should have gone into growth.

In order to take into account disease losses due to...

a) subclinical infection
b) pigs dying
c) clinical disease without death

...the Octagon Services consultancy in the UK has created a FREE online Cost/Benefit Calculator for producers or vets considering a vaccination programme against PMWS - now more commonly referred to as PCVAD [Porcine CircoVirus-Associated Disease]. The calculator begins with trial data based on costings in Euros, but users can input their own data in any currency. The new review of PCV2 effects in pig herds and also the online interactive calculator, can be accessed at www.pighealth.com/circovirus.htm
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